Mr. Lobo 2018

 Congratulations to all of our contestants!

                                   Mr. Lobo 2018 – Jansen Stehle


1st Runner Up  – Gary Payne

2nd Runner Up – Jordan Gilchrist

3rd Runner Up – Jeremy Grail

4th Runner Up – Korey Holland


Best Smile – Grant Finke

Best Eyes – Kyle Poerschke

Best Buns – Cobin Eggers

Best Guns – Grant Marconi

Mr. Congeniality – Walter Arimokwu

Miss Congeniality – Brianna Wilkerson


Mr. Lobo 2018 was a big success. Thank you to the judges and the beautiful escorts for a successful event. Thank you to the volunteers who spent countless hours on Mr. Lobo and thank you to everyone for your support of our seniors!