Learn About LoboBucks!

Project Prom 2018 Parent Volunteering & Lobo Bucks!


  • Because this post-Prom safe party is for your senior student!
  • We need everyone to help make this AWESOME event possible!
  • To earn extra Lobo Bucks for your senior at the event!
  • To enjoy the camaraderie with your fellow senior parents as we carry on the traditions supported by Project Prom!
  • Your student can work at school events sponsored by Project Prom to earn Lobo Bucks too!



Lobo Bucks are the Project Prom currency used for prize-winning chances on the night of Project Prom!  Every LCHS senior who attends Project Prom is automatically awarded 15,000 in Lobo Bucks!  Your volunteer hours and monetary donations to Project Prom also earn additional Lobo Bucks for your senior.  All Lobo Bucks are converted to prize-winning chances with a conversion rate of 5,000 Lobo Bucks = 1 prize chance ticket.

How to get more Lobo Bucks!!!

Attend Project Prom General Meeting (each meeting) 100 Lobo Bucks
Attend 6 or more Project Prom General Meetings 100 Lobo BONUS Bucks per mtg over 5
Volunteer for Project Prom fundraisers or events 250 Lobo Bucks per hour worked
Join Project Prom Team 2018 at Red Level -$20.18 1,000 Lobo Bucks **
Join Project Prom Team 2018 at Black Level -$120.18 2,500 Lobo Bucks **
Join Project Prom Team 2018 at Platinum Level -$520.18 5,000 Lobo Bucks**
Chair a major Project Prom fundraiser 10,000 Lobo BONUS bucks + hours
Chair a minor Project Prom fundraiser 5,000 Lobo BONUS bucks + hours
Project Prom Board Member 25,000 Lobo BONUS bucks + hours
Monetary Donations $1.00 USD=10 Lobo Bucks
  ** Reflects Regular Team 2018 Membership—Not Summer Special program that expires August 10, 2018

Lobo Buck Example:

Attend 4 Project Prom General Meetings Earn 400 Lobo Bucks
Join Project Prom Team 2018 at Red Level for $20.18 Earn 1,000 Lobo Bucks
$200 monetary donation Earn 2,000 Lobo Bucks
Work 10 hours at Project Prom fundraiser or event Earn 2,500 Lobo Bucks

Total Lobo Bucks Earned:       5,900 lobo bucks = 1 EXTRA chance ticket for prizes at Project Prom.



  • Each Project Prom Committee Chair will be responsible for submitting volunteer hours worked to the Membership Chairmen, Jill Finke at (finkejill@gmail.com) or Dawn Fobbs at (msdawn@sbcglobal.net),  recording the volunteer name, senior student full name, dates and hours worked.
  • Project Prom Committee Chairs will be required to submit their sign-in sheets no later than two weeks after their event is complete.
  • Hours will be accepted ONLY from the Committee Chair. If you have any questions or discrepancy with your hours, please contact the Committee Chair.
  • Everyone, including the Committee Chair, must sign-in for each meeting/event. This will be your supporting documentation for total hours submitted.
  • Donations should be reported to the Committee Chair with supporting receipts.
  • Lobo Bucks earned are transferrable if LCHS senior students with Lobo Bucks earned do not attend Project Prom.
  • Must be an LCHS senior who is present at Project Prom to be eligible for prizes at Project Prom.